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Long Range Planning Committee Report


June 2011 Hawaii State Chapter E-newsletter


HSC Special Committees

2012 Special Committee on the Mandatory Retirement Age of Hawaii State Judges - Charter and Press Release

Should the mandatory retirement age of 70 years old for judges be repealed?

Co-chairs: Justice Steven Levinson (Ret.) and Colin Miwa


2010 Standing Committee on Judicial Selection, Retention and Accountability - Final Report

The standing committee reviews, monitors and if appropriate makes recommendations on maters relating to issues of merit selection and the process and procedures affecting the selection and retention of Hawaii judges, both state and federal.

Co-chairs: Hon. Victoria S. Marks (ret.) and William Atwater


2010 Judicial Careers and Selectivity - Charter - Final Report


The Special Committee looked for ways to preserve our country's strong need for an independent and competent judiciary as well as for the high quality of our judiciary for the present and the long term.


Co-chairs: Hon. Virginia Crandall and Mark Rossi


2010 Rules Governing Mediation

A Special Committee will review the mediation rules and to make recommendations on whether the Hawai‘i Supreme Court should consider adopting mediation rules for civil cases in the Circuit and District Courts.

Co-chairs: Gary Chang and James Kawachika


2010 Effects of the Economy - Charter - Final Report

The Special Committee was created to see how our courts are doing under the circumstances, to examine the significant issues facing them, and to suggest ways to address them.

Chair:Robert Alm


2009 Discovery Issues

To review and consider whether Hawaii State Courts should consider its Rules relating to e-Discovery and Initial Disclosure issues.

Co-Chairs: Hon. Katherine Leonard and William McCorriston


2009 Jury Size Report - Request from Supreme Court to study the issue.

To review the issue of whether or not the size of juries shall be reduced from twelve to six in civil and non-serious criminal trials.

Co-chairs: Hon. David Ezra and Constance Lau


2007 Public Knowledge, Understanding, and Confidence in the Courts

Co-chairs: Alan Oshima and J. Michael Seabright


2007 ABA Model Judicial Code

Co-chairs: Lisa Ginoza and Richard W. Pollack


2006 Judicial Independence and Accountability

Co-chairs: Sabrina McKenna and Donna Tanoue


2006 Court Security

Co-chairs: Terry Thomason, Walter Ozawa and Robert Toyofuku


2005 The Judiciary, Lawyers and The Issue of Conflicts in the Judicial System

Co-chairs: Susan Oki Mollway and William E. Atwater


2004 Per Diem Judges

Chair: William Atwater


2004 Judicial Selection System

Co-chairs: Warren Luke and Victoria S. Marks


2002 Judicial Selection and Retention (2003 Report)

Chair: Robert Alm


2002 Business Courts

Co-chairs: Robert F. Clarke and Colleen Hirai


2002 Unpublished Appellate Court Opinions

Chair: Bert Kobayashi, Jr.


2001 One Tier Trial Court

Chair: Warren Luke


1999 Judicial Performance Evaluations

Chair: Dan Case




Founded in 1913, the national American Judicature Society was dissolved in 2014. The Hawaii State Chapter, established in 1998, changed its name and is now the American Judicature Society. The Hawaii Chapter has over a hundred members comprised of judges, lawyers and other citizens of the State of Hawaii.

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The purpose of the Society is “To Promote the Effective Administration of Justice” as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation. The work of AJS focuses primarily on judicial ethics, judicial selection, access to justice, criminal justice reform, and the jury system.